Owner and founder of “Kenza Day Spa”, in North Delta, voted several times as “ The Best Day Spa in Surrey and Delta “ , and a winner of various other Business Awards.

With a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degrees in Biology, I started my career teaching Biology: the science of LIFE.  As fascinated with the Art of Beauty and Wellness as I was, I decided to study Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup when I moved from Amman, Jordan to Vancouver, BC, in 1997 with my husband.

It was always my dream to become a permanent makeup artist, so I completed the program of Esthetics Diploma and several degrees in Permanent Makeup, then I started my practical training in Vancouver. Combining all my education in Biology, passion for beauty and wellness, formal training in Aesthetics and Permanent Makeup, together with few courses in Management and Business skills, I decided in 2002, to start my own Spa Business, “Kenza Day Spa”, with the Philosophy of Quality Service that is based on education, customer service and hygiene. 

Najwa is a Phibrows Artist as well; certified by Phibrows Academy.

Why choosing Najwa for your brows microblading and permanent Makeup?

  1. * Services offered in a well known licensed business; Kenza Day Spa.

  2. 1.Fully insured.

  3. 2.I am certified aesthetician, PLUS 3 certificates in permanent and advanced permanent makeup. Certified and trained by PhiBrows & Biotouch Canada. In addition to my Bachelor in Sciences; Biology degree from Jordan.

  4. 3.With over 15 years of experience in permanent makeup in Canada.

  5. 4.I offer consultations. Don’t hesitate to book some time with me, ask me all your questions and I’ll be happy to answer them!

  6. 5.I use individually packaged and sterilized single used needles. Colors, gloves, gauze..... all meet professional standards.

  7. 6.The business is checked yearly by Fraser Health inspector, and every year we pass the inspection and meet all the requirements.

  8. 7.I make sure to take before and after pictures. Ask clients to fill a form explaining all risks, recording medical history.

  9. 8.I supply after care cream to every client to take home and use after the treatment to help healing the skin.

  10. 9.Our Kenza Day Spa website / instagram / Facebook, have lots of information, before and after pictures showing my actual work.

  11. 10. Make sure to read the reviews regarding permanent makeup, all positive!

  12. 11. I encourage everyone to check their options and make a wise decision PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR DECISION BASED ON PRICE ONLY.          I can’t wait to meet with you. Your beauty is important to me.  Najwa.


Meet the owner; Najwa Bayaty: