Clients entering the spa:

◦We ask you to cancel your appointment if you have symptoms of COVID-19,  or if you have a family member who is confirmed or suspected of COVID-19.

◦Please remain outside the premises until your scheduled appointment time, OR you can call us to check if you can come in sooner.

◦You should arrive alone if possible (i.e., no children, friends or family accompaniment allowed). Special consideration for disabled individuals and those persons who require accompaniment (e.g. a parent or guardian).

◦For retail sales, arrange in advance and schedule a pick-up time to avoid overlapping of service clients waiting in reception, or checking in or out for services.

       We request clients calling and booking an appointment. No walk-ins please.

     We will eliminate booking large groups for services.

       No shaking hands or other unnecessary physical contact.

All clients must use alcohol-based hand sanitizer upon entering the spa.

All clients must wear a mask when entering the spa and during the whole treatment time.

We will be suspending the practice of offering tea, water or magazines.

       We appreciate clients using DEBIT cards for payments.

       Staff responsibilities:

       PPE; staff will be wearing masks at all times.

       Hand washing/ sanitizing frequently.

       Add additional time between appointments to allow for proper cleaning, disinfecting and changing sheets.

Clean and disinfect workplace frequently throughout day, between clients, and at end of day. We follow the cleaning and disinfecting guidance provided by WorkSafeBC.

Clean and disinfect all tools and equipment between each client.