Permanent Makeup




Check the following pictures of my work taken before and

after the procedures:

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Eyebrows Microblading:   Drawing the hair strokes one by one to mimic the natural brows using a special thin blade. The result is very natural looking eyebrows.

All done by a professional Phibrows Artist; certified & experienced.

The color will look darker for about a week until the brows heal, then they will look

lighter than normal. In about 2-3 weeks the true color will appear softer and natural.

One touchup is needed most of the times after 5+ weeks to enhance the thin lines.

The procedure needs to be repeated every few years, whenever they fade. Skins absorb the pigment differently and need touchups every 1-2 years on average.

It’s very important to follow after care instructions to prevent pigment lost or possible infection.


Depending on the color and shape of the eyes, and the look of the eyeliner requested, you can get “smudge proof” eyeliner that lasts you day and night!! You can request black, brown, blue or green eyeliner. Upper, lower, thin, lash enhancement, cat eye, longer liner with a tail?! Different shapes and colors are discussed before starting the procedure. Numbing cream will be used for pain-free procedure.


               the lip color softens up to 70% after healing

                 Before,             immediately after ,    4 weeks after healing

Choosing the right technician

Make sure you choose well trained, certified technician. Always ask for experience, certificates, and have a look at some pictures. Never risk getting permanent makeup on your face for cheaper price by untrained, uncertified person, or who is just starting with no experience.

The procedure is permanent and any mistake will cost more money to get it fixed,

if it will ever be fixed :( 


*Eyeliner upper                           $300 +

*Eyeliner lower                            $250 +

*Upper and lower eyeliner          $450 +

*Lash line enhancement              $250 +

*Eyebrows Microblading            $490

*Eyebrows Ombre’/ powder       $490

*Lip Liner brushed-in                 $400+

*Lips full                                      $500+

*Mole                                           $70

*Eyebrows Correction               $200+/session

*Camouflage                    BY CONSULTATION

Prices are for initial treatment and not including touchups.


* Touchups within 6 months of initial procedure  $60

* Touchups over 6 months $250+

Color correction & camouflage:  

Notice the color and the shape correction, corrected by Najwa