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Permanent Makeup 

Eyebrows Microblading

Drawing the hair strokes one by one to mimic the natural brows using a special thin blade. The result is very natural looking eyebrows.

All done by a professional Phibrows Artist; certified & experienced.

Eyebrows Microblading


Eyebrows Ombre’/ powder


Eyebrows Correction


Permanent Eyeliner

Depending on the color and shape of the eyes, and the look of the eyeliner requested, you can get “smudge proof” eyeliner that lasts you day and night!! You can request black, brown, blue or green eyeliner. Upper, lower, thin, lash enhancement, cat eye, longer liner with a tail?! Different shapes and colors are discussed before starting the procedure. Numbing cream will be used for pain-free procedure.

Eyeliner upper


Eyeliner lower


Upper and lower eyeliner 


Lash line enhancement


Lip Tattoo 

Permanent makeup / tattoo for lips, often referred to as "lip blushing" or "lip tattooing," is a cosmetic procedure focuses on enhancing the appearance of the lips. This technique is designed to define the shape of the lips, enhance their natural color, and create the illusion of fuller and more youthful lips. 

Lip Liner brushed-in


Lips full


Lips neutralization for dark lips



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